Kalajoki - Finnish Marine & Nature Experience

Kalajoki is Finland’s best tourist and leisure resort by the sea
Finns have always had a special relationship with the sea and indeed water in general. Nowhere else is the sea as present as it is in Kalajoki. Regardless of the season, the sea always shows its different faces to its visitors. The open sea of the summertime attractively glistens in the glow of the sunshine, and Finland’s largest sand dunes make you want to lie down, relax and enjoy life. The expanse of the frozen sea in the wintertime, on the other hand, will take your breath away. In Kalajoki the skies are endless and the ever-changing sea stretches out as far as the eye can see. There is plenty of breathing space in Kalajoki. Kalajoki grows and lives from the sea. Unique nature, friendly people and the many marine possibilities make each visit unforgettable. Kalajoki is an authentic living village community where the locals live in harmony with tourists. The range of things to see and do stretches from the inland areas to the beach and far out into the outer archipelago. Whether you’re after an active family holiday or some time to take it easy with your loved one, Kalajoki has the ideal marine setting. Become inspired, learn, and above all, have fun. Experience Kalajoki and feel the sea.

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